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One of our best-selling golf cart lithium battery is the RoyPow lithium battery kit, which comes with everything you need to easily convert your golf cart from a lead-acid battery system to a lithium battery. Switching from lead-acid to lithium comes with several benefits, including no battery maintenance – such as waterfilling or terminal cleaning/tightening -, a much longer life, a much longer driving range, a much faster charging time, much less weight on the golf cart – up to 400 pounds less, depending on the kind of lithium battery -, and many more charging cycles. Lead-acid batteries only last around 1 to 2 years while lithium batteries can last up to 10 years, and our RoyPow batteries can recharge completely in just 5 hours, while lead-acid batteries can take up to 18 hours to fully recharge if they are very low.

RoyPow 100AH Lithium Battery RoyPow 160AH Lithium Battery
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We just launched a website – RoyPow Batteries – for our RoyPow golf cart lithium battery kits, which includes the 56AH, 100AH, and 160AH. The 56AH battery can travel approximately 30-35 miles on a charge, while the 100AH can travel about 60-65 miles on a charge, and the 160AH can travel about 90-95 miles on a charge. A RoyPow lithium battery has multiple built-in safety measures, such as fire detection systems, water spray systems, flammable volatile monitoring and alarms, battery box warnings and protections, battery operating situation monitoring, and anti-collision, along with many other active safety systems. You can learn more about each type of battery by visiting and viewing the different pages for each battery.

Below are some more of the golf cart lithium battery brands we have available. To order, visit Prime Cart Parts or contact us using our contact form.

Allied Golf Cart Lithium Battery

golf cart lithium battery, roypow batteries, lithium ion batteryUnlike standard lead-acid golf cart batteries, only one of the Allied lithium battery is needed for the golf cart. When removing a system of lead-acid batteries – often 6 to 8 70-pound batteries – and replacing them with a single, 71 pound Allied battery, between approximately 300 and 400 pounds of weight is removed from the golf cart, greatly improving performance. The Allied battery is also easy to install, and is referred to as “drop-in ready”.

The battery is great for long-term storage, as it has its own storage mode. To store correctly: fully charge the battery, unplug charger, flip the golf cart switch to tow mode, and press the power button on the side of the Allied battery. This puts it into storage mode – great for snowbirds leaving their carts in storage. The Allied battery also works with upgraded motors and controllers. From fleet to performance, Allied has the right battery to run your golf cart or ATV vehicle perfectly.

Learn more about the Allied lithium battery by reading our pages about the 65AH battery and 105AH battery.

ProVolt Lithium Battery

golf cart lithium battery, roypow batteries, lithium ion batteryThe ProVolt lithium battery is designed to easily replace a system of lead-acid batteries in a 48V golf cart, and offers several benefits, including no maintenance, no harmful chemical fumes, a much longer range with a significantly shorter charging time, and a much longer life. Most standard golf cart batteries only last 1 to 2 years, with around 500 charging cycles, while a ProVolt battery can be charged approximately 3,500 times over a period of about 10 years. Each battery is put through strict quality control and testing, which includes using rigorous vibration tests developed by Volkswagon engineers.

ProVolt batteries are available in 105AH, best for 4 passenger golf carts, and 176AH, recommended for 6 passenger golf carts. Our ProVolt battery kit comes with everything necessary to convert a 48V golf cart, including the battery, charger, mounting brackets, and adaptor. The ProVolt charger is automatic and is designed to shut off when charging is complete, and charges at a rate of 25amp. A ProVolt lithium battery  is also significantly lighter than a system of lead-acid batteries, weighing under 200 pounds. Because only one is needed as opposed to multiple 6V, 8V, or 12V lead-acid batteries, the less weight on the golf cart improves performance, speed, and can even increase the overall life of the golf cart.

Read more about ProVolt lithium batteries by reading our pages on the 105AH battery and the 176AH battery.

50AH Golf Cart Lithium Battery

golf cart lithium battery, roypow batteries, lithium ion batteryOur new universal 48V 50AH golf cart lithium battery kit fits in all types of golf cart, including the most popular brands EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, etc. This kit includes everything needed to convert a 48V golf cart from a lead-acid battery system to a lithium battery – the battery, charger, adaptor, and mounting brackets for your specific golf cart. Features include up to 3,000 charging cycles, fast recharging time, much longer driving range, and much less weight than lead-acid batteries. Our 50AH lithium battery weighs just 40.3 pounds.

Read about the 50AH battery here.

RoyPow Batteries

Check out our new website RoyPow Batteries for more information on RoyPow lithium batteries, and use our contact form for any questions you may have.

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