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Popular in south Florida right now are not only golf carts, but electric bikes, often seen around the Fort Lauderdale beach area and in prevalent areas such as Las Olas Boulevard and Wilton Drive. While our street legal golf cart rentals can be driven on any roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less, electric bikes can be ridden practically anywhere with a bike lane, and are much more easily portable than a golf cart. Not only do we offer EBike rentals and EBike sales, but we have a variety of brands and models of electric bikes for all kinds of applications. For example, our folding EBikes are great for vacations or camping trips, since once they’re folded up, they take up very little room and can be easily stored under a desk or in the trunk of a car. City EBikes, or our standard model, are perfect for everyday use, including biking to work, school, or stores. Our fat tire EBikes are built for rough and uneven terrain, along with our mountain bikes, making them great for riding on a hiking trip, as they can easily maneuver and travel over gravel and rocky pathways.

For more information on our EBike rentals, check out our newest rental site, electricbikerents.com, delivering all over south Florida with a small showroom located in Fort Lauderdale. You can also view our EBike rental rates and fill out an application form if you’re interested in renting.

Below is a gallery of some of the electric bikes we have for sale in our various locations, mainly Riviera Beach and Fort Lauderdale, though we also have several in our Miami and Vero Beach stores. Click on the pictures below to view more specifications about that specific EBike on our golf cart parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts. Brands that we carry include but are definitely not limited to Slade, Pedego, Bintelli, Rideoneup, Aventon, Wing, Juiced, Oraimo, Tenways, Mokwheel, Go Trax, Jasion, Macfox, Radpower Bikes, Ecotric, Ancheer, Heybike, Revibike, Trek, Vtuvia, Batch, Auloor, Velotric, Charge, Hurley, Kona, Vanpowers, Eskute, Radmision, Ariel Rider, Engwe, Swagtron, Swagcycle, Radrover, Gocity, Lectric, Lynx, Cycknight, and Nakto.

For more about our EBike sales, check out primeebike.com, mainly serving the West Palm Beach area of south Florida but able to deliver an EBike rental anywhere.

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